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Vital Product
What is procollagen?
Procollagen is a Joint Cartilage and Skin Restorer that our body produces until we reach the age of 20
In other words, Procollagen is a Polypeptide (substance from which proteins are made) that our body efficiently produces until we reach the age of 20.
After 20 years of age, the Procollagen production decreases to such a point that by the time we reach the age of 60, our body produces less than 70% of Procollagen needed to feel young and healthy.
Procollagen is also responsible for our body's production of joint cartilage, collagen and elastic fibers that allows our skin to stretch.
Procollagen deficiency contributes in the appearance of joint and back pain as well as wrinkles, bags under eyes and more
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Differences between Procollagen and hydrolyzed collagen
Collagen must be regenerated by our own bodies instead of been ingested. Taking hydrolyzed collagen with the main objective of deriving benefits is a myth. Our body produces collagen from Procollagen as shown below:
Contrary to popular beliefs, our body cannot produce collagen from a hydrolyzed collagen based supplement. If this were true, heart pills would be available to regenerate our heart and, obviously, that is not the case!
Finally, we do not eat a cow's heart to regenerate our heart because we know that eating any animal organ such as a heart, collagen or kidney, will not regenerate the organ in our body.
In order to recover collagen, joint cartilage and elastic fibers that stretch our skin, it is necessary to take Vital Procollagen®; in doing so, our joints will strengthen and our skin will rejuvenate.
Procollagen Deficiency in the Circulatory System may cause:
  • Bad circulation accompanied by numbness and tingling sensation in hands and feet.
  • Appearance of varicose or spider veins.
  • Memory loss and sleep disorders.
  • High blood pressure.
  • Arterioesclerosis.
Benefits from taking Vital Procollagen
Vital Product
Vital Product
Vital Product
Vital Product
Vital Product

The cartilage in our joints is made of Procollagen. When there is insufficient Procollagen, our body is unable to produce enough joint cartilage which is the leading factor that causes joint and back pain.

Notably, the elastic fibers that stretch our skin are also made of Procollagen. When its production decreases, wrinkles, bags under eyes and flaccidity appear. Let's not forget that the production of Procollagen decreases by the time we reach the age of 20.

  • Decrease in back and joint pain.
  • Increase in energy.
  • Restful sleep.
  • Improvement and /or disappearance (fading) of Wrinkles, reduction of stretch marks and cellulite.
  • Reduction of Flaccidity as well as bags under the eyes.
Consequences due to Procollagen Deficiency
Procollagen Deficiency in Bones and joints may cause:
  • Join Pains.
  • Intensifying of Archrosis, Arthritis, Bursitis, Tendiniti.
  • Wear and tear of Knee Meniscus.
  • Decrease of Joint Flexibility.
  • Back pains.
Procollagen Deficiency in Skin may cause:
  • Appearance of rapidly deepening Wrinkles.
  • Skin flaccidity, saggy breasts and double chin.
  • Bags under the eyes.
  • Dry or dehydrated skin.
  • Appearance and intensifying of stretch marks.
  • Increase in "orange peel skin" or cellulite.
For better results, take 250 mg or more of Vitamin C along with Vital Procollagen
Place the Vital Procollagen bottle near your toothbrush; that way you will always remember to take the product before bedtime, prior to brushing your teeth.
Contraindications and Warning:
-Do not take the product if you are allergic to one of its ingredients. -Do not take the product if you are pregnant or nursing. -As with any other nutritional supplement, please consult your physician before taking the product. -In the manufacturing process of this product, natural source materials are used that are subject to color and taste variation without affecting the effectiveness of the product.
How and when you take the Procollagen Vital?
Procollagen Vital is taken once a day, right before bedtime, following these simple steps: 1-Pour into a glass half ounce (15 ml) procollagen Vital
and add water or juice to taste. (The bottle brings up the lid a measuring cup with the exact dose). 2-Take every night before bed. Remember that much of its effectiveness is lost if you fall asleep and then wake up to take it. It is preferable to take an hour or two before bedtime, you fall asleep, then wake up and take it. The Vital Procollagen
has a rich natural taste of Pina Colada. Recommendations: Place the bottle Procollagen Vital
near your toothbrush. This way, when you go to brush their teeth before bed, you will see there the bottle Procollagen Vital and so never forget to take it.
Procollagen Vital is taken before bedtime, but why can not stay asleep, woke up, take it and go back to sleep?
Studies confirm that in the first 45 minutes of sleep is when it gets deeper and that's when your body needs the raw material (Procollagen) to repair tissue. If you fall asleep and lose this precious period of time, you lose more than 90% of the effect of procollagen Vital .
After drinking alcohol, can I take the Procollagen Vital ?
How soon will I start to see the results of procollagen Vital ?
In just 30 days. The best results are seen after four months of continuous use.
I take many medicines, can I take the Procollagen Vital ?
Yes, Procollagen Vital does not interfere with any medication.
I am diabetic, I suffer from high blood pressure, I can take Procollagen Vital ?
Can the Vital Procollagen raise my weight?
No, on the contrary, many people lose weight by taking the Vital Procollagen .
Is the Vital Procollagen should save in the refrigerator?
He can not, but after opening, if you prefer, leave in the refrigerator.
Does Procollagen Vital helps me sleep better?
Yes, despite the Procollagen Vital is not made ​​to cause drowsiness, once you fall asleep, procollagen deepen your sleep cycle, so you sleep better and the next day will rise more rested and better able to to do the things.
Delivery and shipping time?
Your product will be shipped with priority mail and will take around 1-2 week to deliver.
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